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Do you want someone to take an aggressive approach to handling your Modesto, CA, corporate law case? The Law Office of Keric J. Cushing can save you money and time by working to settle your legal matter out of court. However, we are always ready and willing to represent your case in front of a judge. With any matter, we approach representation with an attitude of tenacity.

When you decide to pursue a case involving your business, your legal decisions should be based on reason and data. At our firm, we will present you with realistic numbers and projections about the cost and benefits of pursuing any individual case. That way, you can make your legal decisions based on your bottom line and a clear understanding of all of the risks involved.

As your case progresses, we make it a priority to keep you thoroughly informed throughout the process. If there are unforeseen costs or the case drags on, we'll help you decide whether it makes sense to continue with the current course of action. Because we prepare tirelessly to meet the defendants in court, we create a strong position for ourselves in negotiation. We do everything possible to make the opposing side feel that settlement is the preferred option.

When you want an attorney who employs an innovative approach to Modesto, CA, corporate law, contact the Law Office of Keric J. Cushing. When you call our office, you will find out more about our services and reasonable rates. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation.

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